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To practice for the 11plus Exam, we use the most up-to-date technologies to include a real-time online exam environment.

To study for the 11plus, we offers a set of questions on all 11plus topics, such as Mathematics, English, Verbal, and Non Verbal. Build a test of your own. To prepare for the final test, take a simple, medium, or long exam.

The path to success is continual and effective planning. It's vital to retain attention, and regular practice will ultimately help your child's growth and success. Sign up for a free account and begin taking tests right away.

The 11 Plus

exam is taken by over 100,000 children every year.

1 out of every 6 students has a chance to be accepted.

In England, approximately 15,000 places are available

Parents Parents will pay up to £1800 on tutoring for their children

11 Plus Online Test

Online 11plus Tests are the most successful way to recognise information and comprehension gaps, enabling students to work on their poor areas. Students must prepare to comprehend the whole 11plus assessment process. Students can only learn how to revise for examinations while they are regularly engaging in their mock exams.

11 Plus Maths

11 Plus Maths

Whatever test you take, the paper will be based on primary school math and will not stray into the KS2 syllabus. There are also different types of mathematical subjects. Having strong math skills will help you earn a lot of marks. Prepare for your test by doing so. Keep practicing.

11 Plus English

11 Plus English

Since English is used in nearly every 11 Plus Exam, it is crucial. It's also necessary because developing English skills takes time and cannot be hurried. Literacy skills are also highly weighted in 11 Plus English tests. As a result, we recommend that you use our incredible exam generator engine to ensure that your child has the best possible English skills.

11 Plus Verbal

11 Plus Verbal

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GL and CEM Exams consists of word puzzles, and there are 21 separate Verbal Reasoning query forms. Children's grammar and spelling skills will only grow if they consciously work on them. Without a large vocabulary, children would not be able to advance above a certain amount.

11 Plus Non Verbal

11 Plus Non Verbal

Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) involves problem-solving using shapes, puzzles, and other abstract concepts. It is not part of the national curriculum and as such it’s not taught in state schools which is why children need to practice and make sure they understand how they are done. 

Why Take 11plus Tests Online

Why Take 11plus Tests Online?

Online 11+ Tests are the most successful way to recognise and understanding gaps so that students can work on their poor areas. For students to understand the whole 11plus assessment process, they must practice. Students can only learn how to revise for tests if they indulge in continuous practice. This is what we bought and it's right at your fingertips:


Using our Exam Builder, you can create as many exams as you want. That's what there is to it. Our artificial intelligence (AI)-based super-intelligent exam engine can keep track of your success and keep you engaged.


The practice is going to make the kids smarter and you can develop your test everywhere. Daily activity will support your children in building their confidence.


You'll be able to review the report of every test that your children have taken. You will be able to consider the children's vulnerabilities and abilities on different subjects based on the findings.


Since time is so valuable, your children must learn how to finish the exam within the allotted time. All of our tests are timed so that kids can get better at keeping track of time.

Tools for 11plus Test Planning Online

If you intend to take the 11+ test this year? For better training, register for free and begin designing and taking tests. Keep focused, be optimistic, and practice every day.

11plus Online Test

11plus Online Test

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  • Build as many tests as you want
  • Each test consists of 10 Questions
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  • Report available with advice
  • Maths, English, VR and NVR
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If your child is studying for the 11plus this year, now is the perfect time to use the most effective revision strategies and formulate the most effective revision plans to improve morale and relieve any anxieties.